Computer Music

Computer music and technology have the limitless ability to inspire creativity and foster learning. Music has been evolving in tandem with technology, and current artists regularly employ tools which would have been an impossibility prior to the age of software. Nakul develops and utilizes software whose functions range from the expressive to the assistive. Please contact Nakul if you would like a consulation on music technology, production, or programming.


“Export Midi Selection” Sibelius Plugin. Programmed Using ‘ManuScript.’ Allows for better interoperability between a DAW like Ableton/ProTools and the Sibelius sheet music editing environment.


‘Solfege’/’Sargam’ are two patches that respectively utilize solfege and sargam (Indian solfege). Frequency and speech recognition data streams are combined in order to achieve more accurate sung pitch recognition and to teach music theory concepts.