Technology has the limitless ability to inspire creativity and foster learning. Nakul develops software whose functions range from the expressive to the educational. Nakul created the page in order to allow people to explore music theory concepts on the web. He also co-created the website

Outside of web programming, Nakul utilizes PureData, MaxMSP, C++, and a variety of other tooling environments to create interactive music software. Here are some examples:

“Export Midi Selection” Sibelius Plugin. Programmed Using ‘ManuScript.’ Allows for better interoperability between a DAW like Ableton/ProTools and the Sibelius sheet music editing environment.

‘Solfege’/’Sargam’ are two programs that train users in solfege and sargram (Indian solfege). Frequency and speech recognition data streams are combined in order to achieve more accurate sung pitch recognition and to teach music theory concepts.